by The Way Ways

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released August 11, 2017

All songs written and performed by The Way Ways.

Engineered, produced and mixed by The Way Ways at Earls Way in Putney, VT and The Depths in South Shore, Massachusetts between January - June 2017.

Mastered by Alex Garcia Rivera at Mystic Valley Studios, Medford MA.

Cover Art by Nicholas Goodhue.

Thank You: Dan King, Chris Casserly, Collin Fahey, Zak Dixon, Steve George, Matthew Zaremba, Melissa, Preston the Dog (Lord of Putney), The South Shore Men's Club, Doghaus, Ian McGregor and EyeDesign



all rights reserved


The Way Ways Massachusetts

Melodies from the shores of Massachusetts.

Jesse George: Vocals, Guitars

Matt Rocco:

Jack Dennison: Bass

Patrick Fahey:
Guitar, Keys, Percussion
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Track Name: Michael
Michael you just fell asleep
holding a cigarette
you've got to get back on your feet
you're making us all upset

you used to be so influential
to others so malleable
you said i can't do it myself
i'm not feeling valuable


Michael my friend you've lost tempo again
and you know it's true
white weekday nights, Irish goodbyes
just tell me you saw them through

well Michael come in you know waitings a sin
you've no debt to pay
ten dollar words, slurring the first
but its understandable

and you'd be the first to call it at its worst
sitting you down and i know that it hurt
water is warmer than air on the first
a sucker for color, dull but beautiful

don't let me down when you're still at your worst
you let me down when you're spilling your worth
Track Name: Times and Her
she's on a park bench
chewing on strawberries
she's got the times
tucked under her arm
and i got this dream where
i fall asleep on her couch
wake in the morning
and no one's around

i'm getting two back
on my five dollars i spent
she's getting courted
whenever she's out
and i got this dream where
she has those gatorade eyes
wake in the morning
nothing but time

and i take shots and start to stumble
into a breakdown
watching her keep turn away
you wouldn't see me if this plane went down
i'd be in the sunday paper
the same one tucked under your arm
Track Name: Herringbone
you still writing on the weekends?
eating lobsters on the lawn
are you coming by tomorrow?
with that herringbone coat on

but she will not be coming
we've lost again my friend
an hour left 'til empty
with a favor in the end

you still laughing at your neighbors?
shucking oysters by the pool
are you coming by tomorrow?
with that guy you said I knew

but she will not be coming
we've lost again my friend
an hour left 'til empty
with a favor in the end

no she will not be coming
at least until the end
she's wrapped up in a towel
just waiting on a friend
Track Name: Saltine State
swallowed in the woods of the northeast
in the belly of the beast
we found a place to celebrate
chased those fat rats down for quite a while
"minnesoda", "out of style"
hit the ceiling, fade away

and you were only right sometimes

swinging from french quarter chandeliers
sixteen down and one more year
and now it's time to celebrate
smashing black and ivory on the grand
shards of glass in both your hands
and plastic ashtrays in our wake

and you were always right on time
Track Name: Winter on the Island
you sailed away
and waved goodbye to summer
they played the waltz,
you danced for too long

when spring comes I'm listening
for foghorns so low
and I'll be here waiting
buried in snow

they closed the bars,
swept up the confetti
I played the waltz
and danced all alone

when spring comes I'm listening
for foghorns so low
and I'll be here waiting
buried in snow